Suzann Pettersen Becomes a Sustainable Golf Champion

After a storied and successful career as a professional golfer, Suzann Pettersen has embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration with the non-profit GEO Foundation. This collaboration is dedicated to advancing the cause of sustainability within the realm of golf worldwide, serving as a beacon for the sport’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

In her role as a GEO Sustainable Golf Champion, Suzann Pettersen is poised to lead by example, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to sustainability within the golfing community. This partnership signifies a pivotal moment in golf’s evolution as it seeks to embrace eco-conscious practices and values.

The collaboration between Suzann Pettersen and the GEO Foundation is poised to be transformative. It will see Suzann closely aligned with GEO’s advocacy and communication efforts, program development, certification processes, and the acknowledgment of sustainability leadership achievements within the sport.

Of particular significance is Suzann Pettersen’s historic distinction as the first professional golfer to be honored with the title of GEO Sustainable Golf Champion. This accolade underscores her pioneering commitment to fostering sustainable practices within the sport and solidifies her position as a thought leader and influencer.

Suzann Pettersen eloquently expressed her thoughts on this momentous announcement, saying, “Having served as a Dow Ambassador for over 12 years and having participated in Dow’s inaugural LPGA Tour tournament, the Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational, I’ve gained a profound appreciation for Dow’s partnership with GEO. It was truly enlightening to delve into the extensive efforts to conduct the event with a strong emphasis on environmental consciousness and community engagement. Furthermore, when I discovered that my home course, Oslo Golf Club, had received GEO certification for its outstanding sustainability endeavors, I felt a deep sense of commitment to support this cause. As a mother, I’ve developed a heightened awareness of the challenges our planet faces, including issues like biodiversity, air quality, and climate change. These concerns are of paramount importance to the health and well-being of future generations, necessitating collective action.”

Moreover, Suzann Pettersen emphasized the pivotal role that golf can play in promoting sustainable practices. She underscored the sport’s unique ability to showcase responsible community landscape management, minimal resource utilization, and the preservation of habitats for wildlife. Suzann passionately advocates for collaboration with local communities to drive positive change well beyond the confines of golf courses.

Suzann Pettersen’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond words; it is evident in her actions. Her family has already undertaken significant measures to minimize their environmental footprint, including adopting geothermal energy for their residence, investing in hybrid and electric vehicles, and committing to climate-neutral travel through GEO’s dedicated golf offset program.

Jonathan Smith, the Executive Director of the GEO Foundation, expressed profound enthusiasm for Suzann’s pivotal role in promoting sustainable golf, stating, “We are genuinely thrilled that Suzann has taken a proactive stance in championing sustainable golf. Her stellar career as a competitive golfer, culminating in the final putt of The 2019 Solheim Cup, where she secured victory for the European Team, underscores her exceptional contributions to the sport. Through our partnership, Suzann will continue to play a crucial role in raising awareness, inspiring action, and drawing attention to the critical issues that define our generation.”

The appointment of Suzann Pettersen as an ambassador for sustainable golf marks a significant milestone, setting the stage for a new era in golf where sustainability takes center stage. Jonathan Smith further emphasized GEO’s eagerness to engage with other players and their representatives, fostering their transformation into influential figures in the realm of sustainable golf. The endeavor for sustainability requires a collective, team effort, and GEO warmly welcomes others to join the growing community dedicated to driving positive change within the sport.

In conclusion, Suzann Pettersen’s remarkable journey as a Sustainable Golf Champion symbolizes a transformative shift within the golfing community. Her unwavering commitment to sustainability serves as an inspiring example for golf enthusiasts, athletes, and sports organizations worldwide. As she takes on this pivotal role, Suzann Pettersen stands at the forefront of an exciting movement that promises to reshape the sport of golf and champion a sustainable future for generations to come.

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